Matkailututkimuksen traditiot ja erityiskysymykset (791629S)

24.3.2014, Tentaattorit: Kaarina Tervo-Kankare ja Eva Kajan

Vastaukset suomeksi tai englanniksi.

1. Expain following concepts (1 point each)
1a) Last chance tourism
1b) Theoretical and applied approach
1c) Vulnerability in the context of climate change

2. (2a + 2b 4 points)
2a) Explain Butler’s (2004) eras in geographical research and tourism
2b) Place your group assignment article within an era and justify your decision

3) What are the scales of mitigation in tourism context? Explain and give examples. (3 points)

29.2.2016 Kaarina Tervo-Kankare & Eva Kaján

Please answer all three questions, max 2 pages for each question. You can write your answers in Finnish or English.

1. Explain following concepts:
Last chance tourism (1 p)
Adaptations in the context of climate change (1 p)
Resilience in the context of climate change (1 p)

2. Explain how climate change research in tourism combines both physical and human geography traditions in the context of:
a) research methods (1,5 pts)
b) traditions in understanding the environment (1,5 pts)

3. Compare the effectiveness and challenges of tourism’s climate change adaptation options in your group’s destination (presentation, assignment II) and in our case studies in Lapland (3 pts)