Kestävä kehitys ja globaali matkailutalous (791632S)

5.5.2014, Tentaattori: Jarkko Saarinen

1. What does ”new tourism” mean? How does it relate to sustainable development in tourism?
2. There is an idea of responsible tourism.
a) What does it mean
b) what is its relation to sustainable tourism and
c) what are the challenges in the development of responsible tourism.
3. Different perspectives to authenticity in tourism? (According to Wang 1999).

15.4.2013, Tentaattori: Jarkko Saarinen

Vastaa kaikkiin:
1. Define the concept carrying capacity in tourism. What is its relation to sustainable development?
2. What are the key aspects of globalisation in tourism and tourism development?
3. Based on your opinion: what is the most problematic issua in the idea of sustainable tourism?